As we develop this new site, we’re going to explore the various avenues of Ron’s involvement in the music industry. Check back frequently for more details on the areas we’ve summarized  below.

Most folks that know Ron well, know about his Kentucky Bluegrass and Country Music roots. Whether he was singing, playing banjo or guitar, you’ve seen him on stage somewhere. Maybe one of his shows, or with legends like Glen Campbell or the late Bill Monroe. And, you were likely knocked out by what you heard.

Singer, Songwriter
If you’ve caught one of Ron’s shows, maybe you know him as a songwriter. And, just maybe, you were moved by one of his many songs about love, the road, and growing up in Appalachia America.

You may also know Ron as a Grammy nominated producer. A musical mind that, not only knows how it ought to sound on stage, but how to effectively capture it in the studio, as well.

Connection Spaces™
Another area we’ll explore on this site is Ron’s aesthetic design and old-world craftsmanship in building exquisite spaces for recording, rehearsal and connecting with friends and family.  From un-parallel surfaces, rich interiors, to the state of the art in hardware and software, studios that are effective, efficient and inviting. Rehearsal spaces that are sonically pleasing and comfortably appointed. And, living spaces with rich woods and ambiance that make the perfect environment for social activities or a quite evening at home.  From quality space design and development to historical and reclaim conversions, just like Ron’s music, you can expect the pinnacle of integrity and quality craftsmanship.

Welcome to Ron Rigsby Music & Arts
Take load off. Browse around and enjoy a song or two. And, if we can help you with whatever you’re doing, drop us a line. We’re looking forward to it.